HURRY!!! Look into this great deal if you’re looking for grants & more!

I received this SPECIAL PRICING announcement from GrantStation a week ago, but I don’t need anyone to convince me to subscribe. As a grantwriter, I think of GrantStation as a treasure chest filled with valuable resources that are available online, 24/7, to non-profits, libraries, charities and grant-seeking individuals.

Here’s that announcement, in case you want to subscribe via TechSoup. (Not yet a member of TechSoup? Hurry and visit their website to join FREE so that you can take advantage of this great double deal!) NOTE THE IMMEDIATE DEADLINE!!!

Are You a Member of TechSoup? You Can Get a GrantStation Membership for $99 May 7 & 8

GrantStation and TechSoup are proud to collaborate on a limited time offer to the nonprofit community throughout the U.S. and Canada. TechSoup members can enroll for a one-year GrantStation Membership for only $99, a savings of $600 off the regular price! This offer is only available at from Tuesday, May 7, 8 am Pacific Time, until Wednesday, May 8, 5 pm Pacific Time.

What do I like so much about GrantStation? I’m glad you asked!

For one thing, I’m so sold on GrantStation’s weekly newsletters that they’re among the few “automatically sent” email messages that rarely go unopened beyond the day they arrive. The newsletter always includes announcements of upcoming grant opportunities in a listing that is so well-organized and user friendly that I can quickly see what’s out there, what the deadlines are and how to get more information. I also can learn about not only any special deals they’ve coordinated and but also the free and for-fee webinars they have scheduled.

All their free webinars that I’ve attended have consistently reflected high standards. For example, the content of The State of Grantseeking 2013: How Your Mission, Budget, & Location Affect Your Grantseeking was so well-organized, well-presented and concise that it provided in under an hour lots of information I’ve needed, as a Board member, for months. Also, I participated in one of the free monthly GrantStation Website Tour webinars a couple of years ago and then again last Fall. I was amazed to see how much GrantStation had already improved on everything that had impressed me two years earlier. Clearly it’s a good idea to attend that webinar annually, at least, in order to keep up with everything GrantStation offers.

In my opinion, it’s a good idea for anyone needing grant information to subscribe to GrantStation at full price, and it’s an even better idea to subscribe via a special deal such as this one! (Was that already obvious?)



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