Update regarding GrantStation’s Spring 2014 State of Grantseeking webinar


Like GrantStation’s webinar on the topic in Spring 2013, last week’s State of  Grantseeking webinar was packed full of information that could prove valuable to all grantseekers. It reflected a study of the findings of GrantsStation’s eighth semi-annual survey, which collected input from over 1,200 respondents from 3 budget ranges, 9 missions and 4 service areas.

Webinar presenter Ellen Mowrer points out that being knowledgeable about the current state of grantseeking is important not only because changes now happen faster than ever before but also because the trending data helps grantseekers to manage their time and expectations for success.

While each current State of Grantseeking webinar focuses on the results from the organization’s most recent semi-annual survey, the added value in each subsequent webinar is Mowrer’s choice to vary agenda topics each time. This time the presentation included the following:

  • Definitions and Practical Applications
    Mowrer explains that organizations can use benchmarks to compare their grant activity with that of “like” organizations and as a guide to manage that activity. Then she notes that the survey indicates that 95% of respondents do not use benchmarks.
  • The Big Picture
    Based on survey results, 84.0% of [responding] organizations that applied for grants won awards in the last half of 2013. Mowrer’s easy-to-understand tables and charts illustrate her discussion well, making the survey’s big picture more readily applicable for organizations.
  • Focus Points
    This segment provides information that can help grant-seeking organizations self-assess, revise and plan for increased success in their current grant-seeking efforts through consideration of the organization’s annual budget, mission and service area.

The recorded State of Grantseeking Spring 2014 webinar, the related PowerPoint presentation and additional survey resources are now available from GrantStation. Grantseekers can find plenty of useful information on that site, including the following:

  • Samples of the GrantStation Insider, a free weekly newsletter that provides grant opportunity summaries for both private and governmental grantmakers, along with the latest GrantStation webinar offerings, specials and media announcements, and
  • GrantStation’s podcast Talk2020, a part of their Vision2020 series of interactive tools and resources useful in the quest for funding.

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